Plasmatreat Italia S.r.l.

Plasma treatment is known as a universal problem solver: It improves countless processes, among other things by significantly increasing adhesion. This enables, for example, long-term stable bonding and painting of different materials. Plasma not only makes processes more reliable and efficient, but also significantly more environmentally friendly. So, the demand for the innovative technology is also growing strongly in Italy - putting Plasmatreat Italia on course for expansion.


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Comprehensive plasma know-how for the Italian market

The italian subsidiary of the world market leader for atmospheric plasma systems from Steinhagen/Germany offers users standardized and individualized solutions for a wide range of applications with a broad spectrum of plasma systems and components. Plasmatreat's specially developed Openair-Plasma technology can be used for ultra-fine cleaning, activation, and plasma-assisted deposition of surfaces. In plasma activation, oxygen- and nitrogen-containing groups are grafted onto the surfaces of polymer substrates, thereby increasing their surface energy using simple compressed air.  With the aid of the special PlasmaPlus technology, nano-coatings are applied to the substrates, creating specific surface functionalities, thus improving processes even further.

Valuable support for Italian industry

In applications on the Italian market, plasma technology expands the range of uses for plastics and recyclates: Surface modification by means of plasma pre-treatment not only improves the adhesive strength of adhesives and coatings, it also makes it possible to bond together materials that were previously difficult to combine or even achieve completely new material composites. Users thus benefit from an expanded choice of materials and can, for example, replace cost-intensive engineering plastics with less expensive row materials. The high-tech processes have not only established themselves as a safe solution that improves processes and makes them more efficient, but they also support industry in its efforts to protect the environment and the climate: The innovative plasma applications, which require only electricity and compressed air, offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditionally used surface pre-treatments. For processes such as bonding, the use of environmentally harmful chemicals (primers) can be significantly reduced. 

Capacities increased by new premises

With Plasmatreat's extensive know-how, plasma technology can also be precisely adapted to the various applications and industrialized for high-quality products at the Italian subsidiary Plasmatreat Italia. The speed, type and distance of the plasma nozzles to the substrate and the intensity of the plasma jet are precisely adjusted by the Italian experts to the surface to be treated and the purpose. Determining the optimal parameters is one of Plasmatreat's core competencies. Innovative monitoring technology ensures complete control and reproducibility of the processes. These special competences, together with the decades of experience of Plasmatreat GmbH, make Plasmatreat Italia a sought-after partner on the Italian market.

New premises

Customers of Plasmatreat Italia benefit from the move to the new premises through expanded technical capabilities on site and more capacity for qualified advice and first-class service.

Plasma Treatment Units

The new location has a PTU 1212 Plasma Treatment Unit with a six-axis robot for various tests in the field of ultra-fine cleaning, activation and plasma coating of plastics, metal, glass, aluminium alloys and much more.

More staff and expanded technical equipment

More staff and the expanded technical equipment will enable the Plasmatreat Italia team to respond even better to the needs of its customers in the northern Italian economic area in the future.